Wedding Day Story Telling

Event photography, especially weddings, is all about the art of story telling.  You’ve spent months (if not years) planning every moment of your day.  Now, you have put your trust in a photographer to capture all of your special moments and more. 

As a professional wedding photographer, I take the art of story telling seriously.  The goal is to capture your personal expression.  This is done by not only photographing the large moments of your day, but by collecting images of all the bits and pieces throughout.   From the first moments you see each other, to the small glances you give each other while holding hands… we want to show it all!  From the wedding cake, to the smallest decoration…. If you put thought into it, I want to artistically document it for you. 

The art of story telling takes many hats.  Photographers not only need to be lighting experts, and creative artists, but we have to be natural leaders.  Wedding photographers have the unspoken job of keeping your day flowing (we work as your unofficial wedding coordinator).  Angi's Art works hard to try to keep your day a low stress environment.

Weddings stories have been told throughout time!  In this day and age, you luckily get the digital files that show every moment captured.  However, I personally create all of my packages to include an ablum.  This way, no matter the change in technology, you will always have a way to view your images and pass down for generations.